About Us

Who We Are

We are a community of believers who love hosting the presence of Jesus Christ through our worship, the operation of the Word being preached and His Spirit being manifested in all its fullness.

Belief Statement 

  1. We believe in the life, death, and resurrection, of  Jesus Christ. We affirm that Jesus is the risen God in the flesh, the son, who is part of the triune being of the one true God as found in scripture. Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary and will come back again.
  2. We affirm that the bible is the infallible, living, and active word of God. We believe that all scripture is God breathed and inspired.
  3. Our deepest desires are to know God intimately and to make him known to a world full of lost and broken people.
  4. We believe that all of the gifts of the Spirit are active today for the building up of the Body of Christ and for the expansion of the Kingdom of God. 
  5. We believe that the church should not be confined to the walls of a building but a body of Christ followers who are meant to be sons and daughters 24/7/365. Sundays are days of refreshment and fellowship as all  Christ followers are full time missionaries regardless of vocation.
  6. We believe in Discipleship in the way Jesus modeled for us. Our goal individually is to have ourselves submitting to regular discipleship as we ourselves disciple others.